Shockwave Motors, Inc.'s Defiant EV3 Production Reservation Agreement

We have accomplished much during the past year and while we are not yet ready to announce a firm production schedule, we do believe we are on a direct Pathway to Manufacturing. To that end, we believe it is time to begin taking refundable deposits on the roadster. Our roadsters will be shipped on a first come/first served basis and your deposit is a commitment reserving your place in the production schedule.

Placing your $99 deposit confirms your intention to purchase a Defiant EV3 Electric Roadster, reserves your place in line, and acknowledges that you have read this Reservation Agreement.

I do want to emphasize your deposit is refundable. Roadster deposits are maintained in a separate account and are not used to cover operating expenses. If you change your mind before the production of your roadster is scheduled and confirmed; the cancellation will processed within seven days and your deposit will be fully refunded to you (less any standard credit card processing fees). Deposits made with cash or a check will receive a 100% refund; no processing charges will be incurred.

Also, I am pleased to announce consumer financing of the roadster is available through LightStream, a Division of SunTrust Bank. The MSRP of our electric roadster is $24,950 (plus freight, dealer preparation, and options). While a stereo system, heater, and defroster are standard, air conditioning, high capacity battery combinations, and Level ll charging capabilities are optional. The MSRP does not reflect any state or federal tax incentives that may be available to purchasers of three-wheeled, all-electric vehicles. Federal tax incentives alone should lower the price to $19,950.

All specifications and prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

Please type in your name and address; then click on the button to place your refundable deposit and reserve your Defiant EV3 Roadster.

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I have read and understand the Reservation Agreement.


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